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Closet Challenge - WK 3

Week 3

Soooo I am a week behind schedule, sorry! Things have been crazy between work and planning a bachelorette party. More on that later...

Let's dive right in. Here are the outfits for Week 3. Clearly the main color was black. This was not on purpose, I just happen to have a lot of black. I mean, who doesn't love black!!


To start the week off right I wear my favorite little black dress - the halter!


I haven't worn my leather skirt in a while. I decided to wipe it out and pair it with a simple white t-shirt.


Today was rough! I woke up an hour late and was rushing to get out the door to make a meeting on time. Shower and dressed in 10 minutes flat. That is a record. A cute slip on dress and a cover and i was out the door.


By this point I was ready for the weekend and comfy was calling my name. What is more comfy than a maxi dress, a stripped one at that.


Friday always calls for jeans at work. Jeans and a cute black long sleeve top and your good to go.

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