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Closet Challenge - WK 4

We have finally reached the end.

To remind you guys, the whole point of this challenge was to work through my closet wearing a different outfit every day and at the end I would donate clothes I haven't worn in a while. Well this 4 week challenge barely put a dent in my closet. I got maybe quarter through.

That being said, I am going to continue this little challenge on my own. See if I can get through another month of no repeats. I still plan to donate items, so no worries.

Have you guys started the challenge yet?!

Week 4


Did I ever mention I loved striped? Stripes everything. So, naturally I have clothes in stripes. And since stripes go with everything, today was a cute, yet simple, yellow tank with my striped flare skirt.


This is by far a favorite in my closet. Blue and white boho dress. There is something similar.


Today was a blue dress lined in black sheer. Gives it a little something extra.


A little more professional today. I do work in a business office, so we have to be professional sometimes, right?! Sure... so here we have a black and white knitted top and a plain ol' black shirt. It's plain in the front, but a party in the back - with a triangle cut out lined in black sheer.


Black on black. Leggings and a flowy top.


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