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Nautical Bachelorette

We are now days away from the BFF's bachelorette party.

One week away from the Bridal Shower.

And 4 months away from the actual wedding.

To say things are going to be hectic the next 4 months, with the holidays, would be an huge understatement. And it's not even my wedding!!

The bachelorette party is planned by yours truly. I love party planning. I'd love it even more if I had an unlimited budget. But, hey, what can you do. They say 'ballin' on a budget' for a reason, right.

For the bachelorette party, the bride-to-be decided to stay local and enjoy a crazy night out with the girls. So, we are staying in a hotel suite six girls deep. We're also have dinner with friends and late night 'party' plans. The bridal party, of course, has pre-party plans.

Here are some things I put together for this shindig:

1. The Invites. You can see them in this post. A little creativity, Photoshop, glitter card stock and there you have it. They came out super cute.

2. Party treats. The bridal party get gift bags with all types of goodies to start off the night.

3. Photo back drop. This will be at the hotel suite. Equipped with a "Let's Get Nauti" banner.

4. Yummy Treats. It's a bachelorette party, so we have to have something p*nis related!

5. Drinks!!!!! How else are you going to get a party started?

6. Bachelorette Games. We know how that goes!!

Most of the things put together was DIY. I like to think I am a pro do-it-yourselfer.

No worries, I will be posting pictures of all the DIY items later, including easy steps on how to DIY and some free printables too! Stay tuned........

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